27: Favourite companion?

Amy Pond & Rory Williams.
“Together, or not at all.”

You guys see this? This was originally a 8 ft bookshelf, cut down to 4 1/2 ft. Refurbishing an old pine bookshelf into a Tardis DVD Cabinet. Wood filler in all the nooks & cranny’s, sanded down to perfection, & now for that first layer of Tardis blue (a mix between Ten & Eleven’s Tardis’). More updates to come.

28 days till who: Favourite doctor?

"I really am a mad man with a box."

The Orange Spacesuit 3/

"You want moves, Rose?

                       I’ll give you moves!

                                         Everybody lives, Rose! Just this once!

                Everybody lives!”

the doctor and rose favorite moments: tooth and claw


497/a shit load of doctor who stills

elise white