- It’s broken, that one. It doesn’t have a gun.
- That’s why he’s the boss. A soldier so brave he doesn’t need a gun. He can keep the whole world safe.

Today I lost my traveling companion to another human being. It’s been a great 5 years traveling together but I must leave you to find your new adventures. & as I watch you drive off to your new destination a tear creeps into the corner of my eye & I blink it away quickly as I snap one last memory of you driving away. I’ll always remember those precious adventures, those worthwhile stops, & as I turn my back to walk to the tardis, I smile, knowing someone will enjoy you for the next 53,000 miles.

Farewell twuck, you were my best friend, & the best companion I could’ve asked for, travel onward, & never be afraid.


Tried my hand at another animated thing~

doctor who + text posts (3/idek)



I saw the birth of the universe and I watched as time ran out, moment by moment until nothing remained.

elise white